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Strategies for Communicating Your Message through Traditional Media and Social Networking

This one’s for you! Are you interested in ways to share your message through a variety of strategies? Join us! Moderated by Rehema Ellis the Education Correspondent for NBC News, there is a stellar panel. Panelists include Julia Cartwright Senior VP of Communications at the American Legacy Foundation, Doug McKenney Executive Director of Public Awareness Initiatives at the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, Daryl Presgraves, Director of Communications at the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), and Cindi Williams Director of US Program Communications at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. You do not want to miss this!

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Family Engagement in Student Success

This is going to be a fantastic session! The moderator for the session is the always lovely Mishaela Duran, Interim Executive Director of the National PTA. There is a fantastic panel that includes my very good friend Vito Borello, President of Every Parent Influences Children. Other panelists include Rev. Larry Snyder President of Catholic Charities, Vanessa Taylor-Dotison Program Manager of Parent Challenge, and Abby Weiss Executive Director of Full Service Schools Roundtable. Join me for this one and feel free to comment. You can thank me later!

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Vice President Biden Address to Grad Nation

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Civic Marshall Plan Plenary Session

This plenary session and panel discussion will provide an update on the progress the nation is making in reaching the goal of a 90 percent high school gradution rate by the Class of 2020, and the challenge that remains. Presenters will show the power of the Civic Marshall Plan in action by highlighting the gains made through collaboration among schools, community-based organizations, corporations, and government. Panelists will present a case study of the Diplomas Now program and discuss how successful efforts can be scaled to accelerate gains in high school completion.

Speakers include Marguerite Kondracke the President and CEO of American’s Promise Alliance, Mark the President of Pearson Foundation, Ken Dodge, Director of the Center for Child & Family Policy at Duke University, John Bridgeland the President & CEO of Civic Enterprises, Robert Balfanz the Co-Director of The Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University and Larry Thompson, Senior Vice President of Goevernment Affairs, General Counsel and Security of PepsiCo.

There will be a panel moderated by John Bridgeland the President & CEO of Civic Enterprises. The panelists will include Jim Balfanz the President of City Year, Robert Balfanz the Co-Director of The Everyone Graduates Center at Johns Hopkins University, Peter Beard the Senior VP of Community Impact at United Way Worldwide, Dan Cardinali the President of Communities in Schools, Claire Lyons from the Architecture and Management of og Global Grant Portfolios CSR at PepsiCo, and Governor Bob Wise the President for Alliance for Excellent Education.

Join me here and as always, feel free to comment!

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Grad Nation Opening Session!

Welcome to the Grad Nation, friends! This morning you are in for a treat. We will be joined by Vice President Joe Biden who is expected to make amajor policy speech. Also speaking today are Mrs Alma Powell, Chair of America’s Promise Alliaance and Michael Powell, Co-Chair of the Grad Nation, America’s Promise Alliance. The keynote speakers are scheduled to include former Governor Jeb Bush President of the Foundation for Excellence in Education, Patrick Corvington, CEO of Corporation for National and Community Service, and Melody Barnes, Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council. Join me and as always feel free to comment!

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